Our advantage

Through our large network of producers worldwide, we take on the complete and, especially the timely, organization of delivery processes for our customers.

  • Quality – We offer a worldwide network of producers to deliver the highest product quality.

  • Market overview – Through market analyses and empirical data acquisition, we have a broad overview of the medical cannabis market in Germany.

  • Methodology – We can provide GMP quality at marketable prices.

We can give our customers supply security that can be sustained even in the currently rapidly growing cannabis market.

About us


The human body has its own endocannabinoid system, which is part of the nervous system. It plays a role in many functions of the body and also affects the activation of other neurotransmitters. Key components are the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 as well as the body’s own cannabinoids or endocannabinoids that bind to the receptors and activate them.


Cannabinoids are a class of chemical bonds that affect cannabinoid receptors in the cells of the human or animal body. Furthermore, cannabinoids work on the messenger substances of the brain, which are respectively released. From the hemp plant, already more than 100 cannabinoids that evidence various effects have been isolated.

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Terpene gehören zu den primären aromatischen Bestandteilen der Hanfpflanze, die dem Cannabis seinen charakteristischen Geruch
verleihen. Mehr als 100 verschiedene Terpene wurden bereits aus der Hanfpflanze isoliert, wobei das jeweilige Verhältnis an Terpenen in einer Cannabissorte größtenteils für den einzigartigen Geruch und Geschmack verantwortlich ist. Die Menge und Zusammensetzung der Terpene einer Pflanze hängt von ihrer Genetik und den Anbaubedingungen ab.

Medical cannabis prescriptions

Number of prescriptions written Not including private prescriptions

Prior to 2017

~ 1000

Starting in 2018

> 40.000


> 800.000

Current publications

Here you can find current articles by members of our founding team regarding the company Canurius, medical-grade cannabis, market analyses, and our collaborations.


Determining the future together

We are convinced that good supply can only be achieved by working together. It is therefore our intention to act responsibly and sustainably both internally as well as externally. We thereby underscore that candor, purposefulness, innovation, fairness, and honesty are the most important promises we make to our partners and investors.

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