About Canurius

Canurius UG is a young company with first-class relationships on the international cannabis market. Through partnerships and collaborations, Canurius has access to research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, and pharmacies throughout Germany.

Being this close to the market provides Canurius not only with a profitable sales outlet, but also gives the company the valuable opportunity to optimize existing cannabis products and to create new, innovative products.

Our philosophy

We are convinced that consistent supply can only be achieved by working together, and we therefore operate with the philosophy:

Ubuntu – “I am because you are.”

This reflects our appreciation for all participants and serves as guideline for our actions. It is our intention to act responsibly and sustainably both internally as well as externally. We thereby underscore that candor, purposefulness, innovation, fairness, and honesty are the most important promises we make to our partners and investors.

Our expertise

As one of the pioneers in the sector, Canurius has been active as early as 2017 under the name Global Medical Hope and has achieved important milestones in collaborating with Latin American producers together with the Federal Institute for Medication and Medical Products and the Commission for Addictive Substances of the UNO.

Our entire team has a great deal of knowhow, and industry expertise and exclusive insider information are directly available to us through our network. Based on our professional knowhow and international connections, we are in a unique position to assess market development.

We can cover our customers’ needs from all new branches of the industry reliably, and, most importantly, without worries. By doing so, we want to help ensure that cannabis supply is always available to end-users and patients.
At all times, we promise and ensure the highest quality.

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“We actively concentrate on the development of national sales relationships and international supply relationships.”
Bekir Ari, Canurius

Market position

We constantly monitor the German health sector. Continue reading here for more articles on our position in this rapidly growing cannabis market.


Through our collaboration with international experts, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, and pharmacies, we provide the necessary experience for medical cannabis.


Following the motto “Ubuntu – I am because you are”, we stay in close contact with our partners. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

“We are promoting a sustainable and innovative market to become part of a future-oriented movement. Our journey started at the Social Impact Lap Hamburg; we therefore want to help social enterprise solve a social problem and stimulate sustainable social and environmental change.” – Bekir Ari

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