CeBiD’s are nutritional supplements in the form of tablets made of cannabidiol and various nutraceuticals.

Whether you are young or old – the visual design piques the curiosity of the target customer and the CeBiD’s earn their right to exist through their effects.

Cebids Fokus

Focus – Focus on retrieval

A carefully selected combination of ginkgo, ginseng, & CBD that helps you maintain concentration in important moments.

Cebids Energie

Energy – Of course more energy

A spirited mix of Nutraceutices + CBD to help you overcome your inner hog dog.

Sleep – If it would be better to sleep

A soothing blend of Nutraceutices + CBD. Making relaxing nights full of sweet happy dreams possible.

Cebids Sleep

Calm – Relaxed body and mind

A relaxing mix of lavender, lemon balm, phenibut & CBD that provides natural wellbeing and inner peace.

Cebids Calm
Cebids Features

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