Preventiol is a brand that specializes in high-grade cannabis-based products and is exclusively for pharmacies.
Preventiol’s product palette includes food supplement and cosmetics preparations that are only sold in pharmacies. The goal is to establish a trusted and consistently recognized cannabis brand in the pharmacy.

Being this close to the market provides Canurius not only with a profitable sales outlet but also gives the company the valuable opportunity to optimize existing cannabis products and to create new, innovative products.

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preventiol pure

Preventiol Pure – CBD oils

The whole power and wisdom of hemp as natural extract with full spectrum of cannabinoids.
Preventiol – All Natural 5% and 10% CBD-oils consist of hemp extracts from a sustainable and ecological cultivation in Colombia.
Through continuous quality control during growth and carefully executed harvesting and processing of hemp blossoms, all important and health-promoting elements are preserved. Consisting of phytocannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBG, as well as terpenes, omega-3-/omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins.

Preventiol cosmetics

The nurturing power of nature for your skin

The cosmetic products we offer are carefully selected in accordance with our high quality standards. The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
properties of CBD are in the forefront with regard to cosmetics.
Our CBD cosmetics are especially developed for their supporting effects through application on the skin.
Located on our skin are various cannabinoid receptors; these can interact with the contained CBD and absorb it.
In this way, the body can have optimal benefit from application.
Areas of application are therefore manifold. Skin irritations, acne, infections and inflammation are examples of classic application areas for CBD cosmetics.
Nature provides us with all important nurturing ingredients to support healthy, clear, and well-cared-for skin.

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Preventiol cosmetic products

Preventiol body cream

Body cream

Indulges tired and irritated skin.

Preventiol Body Balm Beauty Balm

Beauty balm

Supports function and flexibility of the skin.

Preventiol shampoo


With soothing,
nurturing, and
moisturizing properties.
Helps with irritated or itchy skin of the head in a natural way.

Preventiol hand cream

Hand cream

To soothe dry, cracked skin.

Preventiol facial cream

Facial cream

Sustainable improvement of unclear facial skin.
Soothes chafed areas and provides relaxation.

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