Quality features of “cannabidiol oils”

cannabidiol oil

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Cannabidiol (CBD)-based oil preparations are becoming increasingly popular as CBD has been shown to have a positive impact on human health.
However, CBD-based oil preparations are not clearly regulated in European legislation as CBD is considered an unregulated substance.
This means that companies can manufacture and distribute CBD products from non-psychoactive hemp varieties, allowing easy access to this highly beneficial cannabinoid.

CBD oils

In an article in the MDPI, authors report on various CBD oils.
The aim of the project was to evaluate the quality of 14 CBD oils. The oils were exclusively the product brands available on the European market.

In-depth chemical profiling of cannabinoids, terpenes and oxidation products was performed using GC-MS and HPLC-Q-Exactive Orbitrap-MS to improve knowledge of the properties of CBD oils.

Results of the examinations

Nine of the fourteen samples examined had concentrations that differed significantly from the specified amount, while the remaining five CBD oils remained within optimal limits. In concrete terms, this means that the deviations were below 10 for the remaining five.

The THC content also showed a strong variability in the samples analysed, but was mainly due to the low-rate values (0.2). Only one of the THC-positive samples contained a higher amount of THC (0.35), which did not match the stated values, as the manufacturer declared the product THC-free.
The result shows how important it is to also indicate the amount of THC or other intoxicating cannabinoid in commercially available CBD oils.

Further results showed a large variability of the cannabinoid profile, which justifies the need for strict and standardized regulations. In addition, the terpene profile can serve as an indicator of the quality of hemp varieties, while the profile of lipid oxidation products could contribute to the assessment of the stability of the oil.

In summary, the results presented in this study show the pronounced variability of cbd oils available on the market.